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Over the past 2 weeks I have been working with several businesses on their marketing and presentations to groups.

There has been a common theme coming across and that is they all want to talk about what they do and how they do it and not what the outcomes or benefits are to the prospect or client.

What I see with most people they don’t follow a simple yet proven formula that can apply to any talk, meeting, video or presentation.

You can break it down into 3 parts. And thanks to Paul Brown Mr Retention for first showing me this in his Face2Face fitness program which I have adapted to marketing and sales.

Purpose: This is the why and it is based on the pains, needs, wants goals and desires of the prospect, audience or market. Most done spend enough time on this and go straight to what they do.

You need to spend enough time on this section and clearly articulate their “issues” in a way that they understand that you understand.

Process: This is what you do and how you do it. This is where the bulk of the time is spent as most are excited about what and how they do things.

The best way to describe what you do as a unique system, process or package. I.e. In our unique 5 step process we…. Then very briefly talk about the outcomes it delivers.

Payoff.  This really is what people are interested in. Remember “People don’t buy what you do or provide they buy how you will make them feel during and after doing business with you!”.

So the Payoff should be worded in terms of not only what you or your program will do for them but how they will FEEL when they use it or you.

Most people order their presentation like this:

Purpose     10 – 20%

Process      70%

Payoff        10 – 20%

What it should look like is this

Purpose     20-25%

Process      10%

Payoff        65-70%

Breaking out of the “Process” thought mentality and into Payoof and Outcome Based takes a lot of work.  Give it a go and review what you have done and do.

Don’t forget leave a comment below and a link to a video if you want me to review one for you.