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Last week I finally set up the video studio how I need it for shooting fully professional videos.  Here is a quick look around including a quick run down on some of the equipment we use.


Video Email Program

You may have seen that we use a very simple video email program that takes just 5 minutes to set up and is so easy to use.

I personally use it to follow up meetings, coaching sessions and workshops with fantastic results.

Just click here to have a look at it.


Facebook Marketing.

If you are in business you will have head there are ways you can use Facebook to build your business and there are ways to waste time and money on Facebook.

We have sourced a fantastic course that we have purchased and recommend that you at least look at.

Go and check out Facebook Influence by Facebook legend Amy Porterfield … If you just implement a few strategies from it I’m sure it will help your business.


Crazy 12.12.12 Message from PAM:

2 am this morning Pam woke me up and said “I’m going to do something crazy” and I said … “Let me sleep through for a change?”  So she got up and put together a crazy 12.12.12 sale of some of her best products and programs:


Happy 12/12/12

Okay this is a quick email as I decided to do this totally spontaneous this morning .

Anyone who is smart enough to start marketing their business using Page Flip brochures, flyers, marketing material or even a magazine, now is the time to grab it.

For 48 hours [till the US get to 12/12/12 it is only $97 instead of $397. Including all the templates!

Do you know that Tania Usher has grown a HUGE international brand from her Dare magazine in only 12 months with over 100,000 people in her community.

Kendall of Little Shoppers Mummy Mag has grown a huge following from her baby products Mummy Mag with over 10k on her list and 28,000 on her fan page.

Do you think Jay Abraham would have invested in Social Media Mags if he did not think this PageFlip stuff was a good idea???  I figured this out 4 years ago, now it is your turn to leverage this highly viral marketing tool for your business!

This stuff works!













But That’s is not all…

For 48 hours only, those of you who want to write your book and join me in creating your own #1 Best Seller I am giving you the same price as the Beta Program September launch only $997 [bargain]. Even my new Zasper Children’s Book has been a huge success!

This expires Friday 14/12/12 then it goes back to Early Bird Price of $1497 till the 15th Jan 2103.

People are charging $5k – $20k and making you wait 12 months to publish a book. For only $997 you can become an Amazon international self-published author in 8 weeks and leverage it for your marketing in the New Year

Grab it before Friday! Happy 12/12/12


Click here for Pageflip Magazine and Digital Brochure Marketing 

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