In this post and video I’m covering the third of the Positioning and Marketing Trifecta…  SPEAKING

Speaking is one of the most powerful ways to position yourself as an authority and connect one to many. Whether it is small group presentations or large speaking events it is a massive leverage of your time. Check out the video but READ ON!

Way back when I was in the Health and Fitness industry I was speaking in 8 to 10 Countries per year in front of 50 to 5,000 people at a time. That time was a fantastic learning experience for me, as I was talking to and presenting to already motivated and dynamic people so I had to develop my skills to a level to continually impress them….. (or I wouldn’t be asked back).

Lately, as you will know I have been speaking and presenting as a way to connect and present my products and services as well as for training purposes.  From my Health and Fitness Days I just love speaking to and motivating groups, however, as a business professional I have had to learn how to monetise and leverage these talks.

Over the course of the past 5 years I have invested over $20,000 in my education on how to refine my skills to maximise the $dollar return on my speaking. As you will have seen in the video I apologise that I haven’t passed this knowledge on to you, but now it is time that I do.

I’m running a 1 Day “Be, Speak, Sell” workshop here in Sydney 6th February  where I’ll be  teaching you;

  • How to craft your talk for your product and audience,
  • How to be comfortable in front of groups
  • Simple techniques to connect, engage and direct the audience
  • Tips to avoid “lecture theatre syndrome”and
  • much more crammed into 1 day.

This will be a hands on very practical workshop and there are just  4 spots left…..

Let me know if you are interested in this one or a later one by emailing me

PLUS one of the other pieces of the Trifecta was BOOKS.

on the 4th February Pam and I will be holding and evening seminar BEST SELLER ADVANTAGE

In just under 2 hours we will be showing you;

  • How having an Amazon Best Seller has become the secret weapon to attracting more affluent clients
  • How writing, publishing and leveraging your Best Seller is easier than you think;
  • Why Amazon launching in Australia is very exciting news and how you as a business owner can capitalise on their highly targeted traffic to promote your business;
  • A simple and proven 5 step system that allows most people to complete their book and get Best Seller status in just 8 weeks.

If you want more information on this or to grab your seat head over to 

So in practising what I preach I have used a video, and written about Books and Speaking. So I have covered the  Trifecta…

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