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Make it happen Monday 2

by Steve

How did you go last week?

Did you make your list and more importantly did you make it all happen.

Can I share with you that this small shift and extra accountability boosted my productivity last week. So I urge you to give this a try.

So watch the fun video I made for you and make your list.

Here is my Make it Happen list for this week.

  • Do make it happen video and blog.
  • Rework presentations for Saturday nights  marketing dinner.
  • Finalise program for New Mastermind program.
  • Do marketing Videos for Brisbane and Gold Coast Seminars.

What are you going to make happen this week?

Share your thoughts below.

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Hi There and yes this video is really shot from my hospital bed. Before and after an operation.

I didn’t realise how groggy I still was till I watched it back. No wonder they say don’t drive.

The reason for Make it happen Mondays is for you and I to set down what we are going to make happen….

Not a wish list if everything goes to plan, not a set of goals to strive for list but a list of


My personal make it happen this week was actually this blog post and I could easily have followed Docs orders and gone home to rest, but what sort of 

example would that have set you.

So watch the video and then write down what you are going to MAKE HAPPEN… Please share it in your comments.


This little trip to the hospital was a scheduled check up. One that most people put off. So make sure you look after your body better than you do your car. Because if you fall apart so does your business.

Plus make sure you schedule business checks ups… It is too late to find you personally or your business has a serious problem when it could have been totally avoided

with some simple ‘check ups’.  So my challenges for you this week.

  1. Set a list of non negotiable WHAT I WILL MAKE HAPPEN this week and
  2. Set a list and perform some business checks just to see what shape you are in for 2014.


See you next week.


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Last week Pam and I went to San Diego to the Traffic and Conversion Summit to learn the latest in online and digital communications.

WOW the insights from some of the smartest minds on the planet were amazing. Check out the video to see my TOP  Three.

1. Engagement v’s SEO and what they call Native Marketing.
2. You Tube advertising tricks and tips.
3. Frank Kern’s take on Magnetic Positioning.

Plus here is the link to Pam’s crazy Birthday Gift for you.

Don’t forget leave a comment as to what you want in future posts.


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Be … Speak … Sell

by Steve

In this post and video I’m covering the third of the Positioning and Marketing Trifecta…  SPEAKING

Speaking is one of the most powerful ways to position yourself as an authority and connect one to many. Whether it is small group presentations or large speaking events it is a massive leverage of your time. Check out the video but READ ON!

Way back when I was in the Health and Fitness industry I was speaking in 8 to 10 Countries per year in front of 50 to 5,000 people at a time. That time was a fantastic learning experience for me, as I was talking to and presenting to already motivated and dynamic people so I had to develop my skills to a level to continually impress them….. (or I wouldn’t be asked back).

Lately, as you will know I have been speaking and presenting as a way to connect and present my products and services as well as for training purposes.  From my Health and Fitness Days I just love speaking to and motivating groups, however, as a business professional I have had to learn how to monetise and leverage these talks.

Over the course of the past 5 years I have invested over $20,000 in my education on how to refine my skills to maximise the $dollar return on my speaking. As you will have seen in the video I apologise that I haven’t passed this knowledge on to you, but now it is time that I do.

I’m running a 1 Day “Be, Speak, Sell” workshop here in Sydney 6th February  where I’ll be  teaching you;

  • How to craft your talk for your product and audience,
  • How to be comfortable in front of groups
  • Simple techniques to connect, engage and direct the audience
  • Tips to avoid “lecture theatre syndrome”and
  • much more crammed into 1 day.

This will be a hands on very practical workshop and there are just  4 spots left…..

Let me know if you are interested in this one or a later one by emailing me

PLUS one of the other pieces of the Trifecta was BOOKS.

on the 4th February Pam and I will be holding and evening seminar BEST SELLER ADVANTAGE

In just under 2 hours we will be showing you;

  • How having an Amazon Best Seller has become the secret weapon to attracting more affluent clients
  • How writing, publishing and leveraging your Best Seller is easier than you think;
  • Why Amazon launching in Australia is very exciting news and how you as a business owner can capitalise on their highly targeted traffic to promote your business;
  • A simple and proven 5 step system that allows most people to complete their book and get Best Seller status in just 8 weeks.

If you want more information on this or to grab your seat head over to 

So in practising what I preach I have used a video, and written about Books and Speaking. So I have covered the  Trifecta…

Please leave a comment or pass this on to your friends if you feel they will value this information.

Please please let me know what you would like covered in future posts.

Have a Stand Out Day

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The Positioning Trifecta

by Steve

In this short video I’m showing you the 3 most powerful tools you can use to Stand Out and position yourself as the leader in your market.

These are the exact tools that I have been using successfully to grow my own personal business as well as my clients.

Some of you may know me more as the Video Marketing Guy and more recently from my book Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside. Plus I have been working with Pam to help businesses, entrepreneurs and experts position themselves as a leader through the power of becoming an AMAZON BEST SELLER. 

So for 12 months I have been promoting that using videos and your book is the most powerful way to stand out in your marketplace.

What I have continually omitted from the equation is a tool that I have built most of my business on and how many of you have come to know me and that is SPEAKING.  You may have met me at one of our seminars or workshops and chances are you joined one of our programs from that meeting and therefore you know first hand the power and leverage of speaking to groups.

Watch the Video


So for you to accelerate your business growth look at combining these tools Videos, your Best Seller book and Speaking when you do the maths change … 1+1+1 = 10

Best Seller Marketng sm 2

Best Seller Marketing is available for 24 hours only $0.99

be quick it goes back to $6.97 tomorrow

Click on image to grab your copy and read next week so you can start planning your book marketing strategy for the next 90 days. If you want to find out more join us at the 2 hour Seminar on the 4th of Feb in Sydney

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Wet New Year Video Message

by Steve


Hi There and Happy New Year. Now that the festive season is officially over it’s time to refocus on what you want to achieve this year.

This morning I set a goal to go for my bike ride and shoot you a video message. I was just leaving home when it started to rain. I have made this year my year of no more excuses so I pushed on.

Have a look at the video to see me talking to you in the pouring rain.

My point about the Aussie Cricket team is just 6 months ago they were down and out and not much going their way.  Yet in just a few hours or at least tomorrow they will complete a massive turnaround and white wash the poms. So what changed.

  • Most of the team is the same.
  • They changed their coach
  • They focussed on getting the basics right
  • They started believing in themselves individually and in each other
  • Above all they kept focus and didn’t give up.

So no matter what last year dealt you this is 2014 and focus on getting the basics right and continue to believe in yourself.

Join me in making 2014 the year of no more excuses. Last year I was absent from talking to you and delivering great content because I made excuses of being busy not to do it. This year get ready for regular updates.

Stay tuned for some great new releases from Pam and I have been working on over the break.

Have a StandOut 2014


header final

In a recent email I received from one of my mentors Rich Schefren, he started by saying…

“what I have to share with you today will permanently shift your perspective on marketing and selling your products.

– and you’ll understand what you need to do immediately to dramatically increase your sales.

No matter how much you learned, no matter what new tactics you tried, you could never get the sales you needed.

But that’s all about to change. Once you fully grasp what you’re about to discover here, you’ll immediately know what you have to do to make more money and finally get the momentum you need for your business.”


Now they are pretty powerful claims even for one of the greatest marketing minds on the planet however I read on and what I found was a more detailed version of my Farm Aggregation Theory (watch the video) that I posted for you a couple of months ago crossed with another post from last year Marketing vs Understanding (watch the video).  

Plus it is all in my book Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand AsideGrab it here if you haven’t already got it. I often get excited when ‘Guru’s’ are putting out material as breakthrough  information similar to what I have been teaching you for some time.  It has to give you confidence that you are getting the latest.


Here is what he said…

“It starts with understanding WHO you’re really marketing to

Every time you go out into the marketplace with a new piece of marketing (like a video sales letter, retargeting campaign, or even an old-school print ad), your prospects fall into one of five categories.

About 5%: Can’t wait to buy what you’re offering.

About 25%: Are open to buying what you’re offering.

About 40%: Are NOT thinking about what you have to offer.

About 15%: THINK they’re not interested in your offer.

About 15%: KNOW they’re not interested in your offer.

(Now for the record, these numbers are estimates at best. But they’ll give you an idea of what you’re up against when you’re selling.)

As a marketer, it’s your job to change these numbers.

Specifically, it’s your job to persuade prospects who are NOT thinking about your product AND the prospects who think they’re “NOT interested.

It’s also your job to get people who are “open to buy” to the place where they “can’t wait to buy what you’re offering.

But at the same time, you should NOT be marketing to the prospects that can’t wait to buy and definitely NOT the prospects who will never buy no matter what you do.”


I have been helping for a growing number of my clients setting up VERY SIMPLE tracking and reporting systems that focuses on moving people from potentials to prospects to pre-sales or hot prospects to clients then raving fans.

One system was as simple as following the traffic light system Red, Yellow, and Green.

GREEN = new to you, YELLOW = starting to think about it or getting ready to stop and RED = hot prospect and ready to buy.

If you want to build your business you need to FOCUS on what do you do every week to move a set number of people from one category to next.

For every prospect, there is a moment when they are in the best possible frame of mind to listen to your marketing messages AND buy your products. It is your job to move them to that position.

Too many people try a single marketing piece and when someone doesn’t buy they put them in the never will buy category however that would only be 15% maximum leaving the rest to be in the NOT YET category and should go into your follow through system.

In the next post I will be talking about how you move them through the system.


So stay tuned  to my next post!


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Here is a quick and personal video letting you know of something important that has been coming for a while and has now happened.

I am no longer doing Video Marketing as the video will tell you.

Shock Horror will the world collapse???

Over the past 18 months and more recently with the pending release of my book

Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside and the Perpetual Profits Blueprint I have been working with businesses, big and small to create Predictable and Sustainable Profits using proven and innovative methods in the Blueprint. It will of course include videos but not be limited to them.

To launch the new direction, I am conducting a brand new 3 Hour seminar at St Kilda, yes in Melbourne on the 8th of May.

Seats are already more than half gone and the rest will quickly go

now that I have opened it up.

Click Here for details or to Grab your spots.

I hope to see you there!

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Farmers that grow crops in most areas have adapted the crops to suit the climate, soil conditions and requirements of the available market. And apart from unforeseen climatic events they have a relatively predictable yield.

The yield per area will fluctuate depending whether it is

  1. A new field that requires preparation and planting.
  2. A prime field that is continually producing high yields.
  3. A stale field that needs a break to rejuvenate yet will be back to prime very quickly.

The old Push/Buy Now/Hunter type of marketing that relies on the prospect buying now or not at all is not sustainable or leverage able. Plus the Farming type of marketing where you continually market to the one group has its limitations as well.

The Farming Aggregation System is the optimum way to do business and to explain it very simply I have divided prospects and customers into 3 groups and the farm into 3 types of fields.

The Farming Aggregation System is simple.

1.      Attend to your prime field first and make sure it is at the optimum yield.

            – Continually water and fertilize with the right fertilizer. Note some fertilizers can produce short term jumps in yield yet can be toxic long term.
            – Provide outstanding service and look to provide additional information that can help your clients business. Look to increase the range of products and services you provide those clients and optimise your referral process.

2.      Always be looking to add new fields.
            – Look for new fields that you can easily work and add to your prime fields.
            – Continue to market to grow your list of ‘not yet’ people who with the right amount of emotion and time investment can move from prospects to become ideal clients.

3.      Work the new fields to add them or a portion of them to the prime fields. This increases your ideal business base and predictable income.

            – If you have picked the right field, and with the right amount of cultivation, watering and fertilising you can turn at least part of the new field into a prime field and add it to the rest.
            – If you have selected your market correctly and they are continuing to invest emotion and time with you then they will become ideal clients. Note: the amount of “cultivation” required is totally dependent on your program or product.

4.      Keep a look out for fields going stale.

            – Overuse or neglect will lead to a field losing productivity and eventually an expense not an asset. When a field is in its Prime yield state avoid the temptation to overstock or over plant for a short term gain but long term loss.
            – If you neglect your clients they will leave, just as if you over promote to them they will feel like they are being continually sold to and that you don’t really care about them and their business and this will drive them away also. You just need to provide outstanding service and massive value with the information that you provide and any sales should be a ‘logical’ extension to what you are already providing.
            – Note: crop rotation is a popular way to rejuvenate fields so looking to provide additional products or services that will enhance your clients life of business may also be a way of rejuvenating your relationship with them.

Happy Farming!


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This book’s title is a call to action for anyone who wants to succeed in this so called ‘new economy’ as we get deeper into the WE era from the Pendulum.  It basically says that you need to Stand Up and become the face of your business, identify why you are different or as I put it, you need to become the unique and obvious solution and then communicate that genuinely to your market.

If you don’t you will be left behind, you will be seen as a dinosaur in your marketplace and very quickly fade from the memories of your prospects and clients forever. Loyalty can only carry your business so far and if you are not keeping up with your market then eventually they WILL move on to greener pastures.

You can no longer hide away behind a business name, locked away in and office, shop or on a computer and not form relationships with your prospects and clients. Today’s customers are very fluid which means they can flow easily along a path of least resistance jumping from one supplier to another unless they are diverted or a dam is built.

That dam is your relationship with your clients and it will hold your clients and customers keeping them loyal to you while you provide value to their lives and communicate that regularly to them.

The dam wall is your service and communication to them and will only hold your clients and prospects in while you are continually maintaining it.  If you neglect the service and communication to your people, the wall will come down and they will flow on.

This is book not for everyone. While the concepts and strategies that I have put into this book may make sense, seem straight forward and relatively simple, I’m not saying they are easy. In fact for many people Standing Out is the last thing they want to do.

So if you are thinking that soon everybody will be doing this think again. If you follow the steps that I give you in this book, you will rapidly jump ahead of your competitors and establish yourself as the leader because you will be one of a VERY small minority who will actually to do it.



Make The Decision to Stand Up.

Have you heard of Donald Trump, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Madonna and here in Australia Mark Bouris? Do you think they started out famous? No they started out just like you and me.

They all had a goal and a burning desire to do and be something extraordinary. There are many people who dream of being Sports Stars, Pop Stars and Business Moguls but very few take that first step in making it a reality.

That first step is the decision to Stand Up because you can’t Stand Out sitting down being the same as everyone else.

In this book I will be showing you why now is the time that you must stand out to succeed and why it has never been easier if you follow some simple steps. I will be showing you ways you can stand out no matter what your market, profession or aspirations are.

Don’t worry it is not about having to be big, loud and obnoxious to get attention! You could stand out by providing such awesome and caring service that you become legendary to your target market in a very short period of time. However, it is about how you Position and Package that service and then Promote (communicate) it to the market that will have the biggest impact in the long term.

Plus, I will share with you several times, from my own personal journey, where I have followed this process with amazing success and times where I completely ignored my own strategies and how that ignorance  impacted the results in my business.

So while I talk about it all starting with a decision, nothing happens until you actually take action. You can make all the decisions you want but until you actually Stand UP which requires energy and commitment of the highest level, nothing will happen.

Notice this book’s title doesn’t say stretch your neck up and have a look’ or ‘kneel up just a little’ no it says Stand UP….. And stand up straight! Do it with full commitment and do it in a way that as soon as you do Stand Up, that you are prepared to get noticed and take action when doors of opportunity start flowing your way.

A crucial part of the decision to Stand Up is who you are, and when to Stand Up! Later in this book I will go into detail about your ‘Unique Champions Position ‘and how to find and communicate it. Important note: You Do Not want to stand up trying to be the same as everyone else because all you will have left is to try and be louder than your competitors and that is not an attraction magnet strategy.


Stay tuned for a couple of more snippets of My Book which I will be releasing early April.

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