In a recent email I received from one of my mentors Rich Schefren, he started by saying…

“what I have to share with you today will permanently shift your perspective on marketing and selling your products.

– and you’ll understand what you need to do immediately to dramatically increase your sales.

No matter how much you learned, no matter what new tactics you tried, you could never get the sales you needed.

But that’s all about to change. Once you fully grasp what you’re about to discover here, you’ll immediately know what you have to do to make more money and finally get the momentum you need for your business.”


Now they are pretty powerful claims even for one of the greatest marketing minds on the planet however I read on and what I found was a more detailed version of my Farm Aggregation Theory (watch the video) that I posted for you a couple of months ago crossed with another post from last year Marketing vs Understanding (watch the video).  

Plus it is all in my book Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand AsideGrab it here if you haven’t already got it. I often get excited when ‘Guru’s’ are putting out material as breakthrough  information similar to what I have been teaching you for some time.  It has to give you confidence that you are getting the latest.


Here is what he said…

“It starts with understanding WHO you’re really marketing to

Every time you go out into the marketplace with a new piece of marketing (like a video sales letter, retargeting campaign, or even an old-school print ad), your prospects fall into one of five categories.

About 5%: Can’t wait to buy what you’re offering.

About 25%: Are open to buying what you’re offering.

About 40%: Are NOT thinking about what you have to offer.

About 15%: THINK they’re not interested in your offer.

About 15%: KNOW they’re not interested in your offer.

(Now for the record, these numbers are estimates at best. But they’ll give you an idea of what you’re up against when you’re selling.)

As a marketer, it’s your job to change these numbers.

Specifically, it’s your job to persuade prospects who are NOT thinking about your product AND the prospects who think they’re “NOT interested.

It’s also your job to get people who are “open to buy” to the place where they “can’t wait to buy what you’re offering.

But at the same time, you should NOT be marketing to the prospects that can’t wait to buy and definitely NOT the prospects who will never buy no matter what you do.”


I have been helping for a growing number of my clients setting up VERY SIMPLE tracking and reporting systems that focuses on moving people from potentials to prospects to pre-sales or hot prospects to clients then raving fans.

One system was as simple as following the traffic light system Red, Yellow, and Green.

GREEN = new to you, YELLOW = starting to think about it or getting ready to stop and RED = hot prospect and ready to buy.

If you want to build your business you need to FOCUS on what do you do every week to move a set number of people from one category to next.

For every prospect, there is a moment when they are in the best possible frame of mind to listen to your marketing messages AND buy your products. It is your job to move them to that position.

Too many people try a single marketing piece and when someone doesn’t buy they put them in the never will buy category however that would only be 15% maximum leaving the rest to be in the NOT YET category and should go into your follow through system.

In the next post I will be talking about how you move them through the system.


So stay tuned  to my next post!