• 1 x strategy video
  • Step by step videos on  ‘how to’ implement the strategy
  • 1 x action step pdf check list to make it easy for you to get started

You can choose to download all the material or view online. If you have any questions  or tutorial requests please use the contact form below.

Note: If you have trouble streaming and watching them online here are some tips

  • Click on the play button and then hit pause – go and make a cuppa and give it a chance to load and it should play straight through
  • Or do the above and continue to do some work while it is on pause and then press play.
  • While you are watching the video above push the play and pause on the next video below and that will help it to load while you are watching the other tutorial above.
  • Option two – download the files to your computer and watch them from your desktop over and over again.




Part 1

Part 2

HD Video Webcam Example using Eyejot

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Download your action plan below

Video Replies Action Plan & Links click to download.