Change the Game &  Play A Game You Can Win!

In this new world where consumers have more choices and more access to information via the internet and recently to mobile devices to have information on the run businesses have to adapt or risk getting left behind.
In an attempt to stand out Businesses often get caught up trying to claim they are better or cheaper. However that is something that is easy for most businesses to claim however that alone puts you way back in the pack with everyone else.

Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside

These days it is more important to be different than be better. Because people can always claim they are better and this doesn’t help you stand out.
You need to leave the game that is determined by your competitors and market and create a game that you can win.
In your market there will always be a section that will be prepared to pay a premium price for quality however, if you try to compete blow for blow with your competitors these prospects will not be attracted to you.
So here is a simple formula to “Change the Game” and win in this economy
Step 1: Identify your prospects, pains, frustrations and desires and what they are currently prepared to pay for. Use this as a base for step 2.
Step 2: Develop your Unique Champions Position. This is what you need to have clearly articulated to stand out in your market and can include;

Your Positioning or expertise
Your background and track record
A unique system or way of doing things

You need to find something that is unique about you, or your business that can’t be replicated by your competitors.
Your position should communicated be in a way that you, (your product or service) cannot be compared directly to your competitors. You need to position yourself in a way that they are comparing apples to fruit salad.
Now most importantly your UCP must be relevant to your market and serve as a unique solution to your prospects current and highest priority problems. There is no sense developing a uniqueness that is not attractive to your market.
Step 3: Develop collateral to support and communicate your position.
In this it is important to communicate to the segment of the market you want to attract that you are the unique solution to their needs. This can include videos, books, e books, seminars, newsletters etc. More on that and how to use videos another time.
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