Champion Game Plan

Most people in business are playing the game and rules set by their competition and their market.

A typical example of this is when the only perceived variable is price, the only feature people talk about is price and therefore you end up competing just on price.

In this video I talk about looking for your Unique Champions Position. Identifying what is different about you, your product or service and changing the game and the rules.

Why Champion?

More on this in a future blog but briefly

  • Celebrities
  • Guru’s and
  • Rock Stars

Are not always positively regarded and not always the best at what they do. By definition a champion is “someone who has beaten or surpassed their competition. “

Plus I don’t know of a Champion who hasn’t gotten to the top without some hard work. I don’t believe in push button no work celebrity type status as a recipe for long term benefits.

Once you have won a championship that can never be taken away.
Once you have uncovered your Unique Champion Position UCP you then educate the market why it is important to them and have them focus on that instead of previous aspects.
The best way to do this is via regular videos like you will be getting from me here in future.
Anyway check out the video and leave your comments and I’ll see you shortly.