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I don’t wish people a Happy New Year. No I’m not a bah humbug or a scrooge with my best wishes but, I think… Why would you wish for somebody to settle for just a Happy 2013 when you could have so much more? Why not have a smashing 2013 or even bettter a ripper of a 2013 and an awesome New Year?

While Happy is certainly better than Unhappy it is up to you to be, do and feel however you want to.

Just to let you know I have chosen to have  a spectacularly awesome 2013… because I choose to and I am working towards it.

Check out this video where I tell you what a bike ride and a stop watch has to do with you having a fantastic 2013.

Plus some exciting news!

Get ready for my new book Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside. It will take you through the reasons you need to position yourself as the Expert, Go to Person or as I say the Unique Champion in your Market. Plus it will give you the steps to take to do it.

The only reason I have got it out is because of Pam’s Digital Authors Academy. This course is absolutely brilliant… It got me off my butt and made it so easy for me to write the book. And I hate writing… you can probably tell as my videos are longer than my written blog posts 🙂

There are 2 ways to massively explode your position and in turn profits:

1. Produce great videos and;

2. Become an author

When you combine the two you will jump past your competition and leave them in your wake.

If you really want to learn how to write your book, plus learn the publishing side of doing it yourself, enabling you to produce multiple books, then this course will have everything you need.

However if you just want to write, have it edited and then have everything else done for you, leaving you more time to work on top income producing projects, then there is a also a Platinum Done For You pack that you are going to love! One of Pam’s student’s said, “I paid $16.000 to have this done the first time and jumped on it straight away because it was such a great deal”.

Anyway, head over to Digital Authors Academy and grab your early bird rate which ends on the 15th January.   Or even better, if you know other people who should write a book (if they are in business then it is a  must). Contact and sign up as an affiliate and you never know your course could cost you nothing.

I’ll be popping into the private forum from time to time and I look forward to seeing you there. Did I tell you that all 30 people from the previous course loved it so much they are coming back to do it again?

Have a spectacularly awesome 2013!