WORDPRESS+Facebook =Control

Guest Blog Post by Leigh Kostiainen

The new changes to the way Facebook pages are customized which means page owners have more control over the content they share. From the 11th March 2011 Facebook are no longer supporting the once popular Static FBML application, meaning you can no lon¬ger add the application to your Facebook Pages. The new method of creating custom tabs utilizes iFrames, which is simply a way of pulling external website pages into your Facebook page.

Benefits of Using iFrames

  • Custom icon on your Facebook page main menu;
  • Hosted on your own domain;
  • You own the content, it can’t be deleted by Facebook;
  • The design opportunities are greater, as plugins can;be used
  • Simple to design in WordPress wysiwyg editor;
  • Edit your content whenever you want;
  • Unlimited free tabs;
  • Easy to learn to create custom tabs

5 Things to Know When Choosing iFrame

Applications and Plugins:

  1. Choose a solution to meet your skill level – If you don’t have the ability to write basic HTML code then an application on Facebook like Wildfire allows you to simply upload an image and save your work. But you do need to give permission to their application (which means give them personal details) and you have to have their logo branded on your page. This is common amongst almost all Facebook based applications.
  2. Use a WordPress Solution as your best choice – WordPress makes a great solution for low skill levels so long as you know how to use WordPress. You also need to learn how to create a Facebook application. It sounds daunting but it really is only the need to correctly complete a form
  3. Avoid apps + plugins that charge a monthly fee – A lot of third party applications offer users a free tab to use their service, but there is a catch! Of course! Your free tab is only free after you create an account, and then that free tab is limited strictly to one free page. If you want a second or third tab then you can no longer have your free tab and you will be required to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of keeping your page tab active. If you stop paying or they shut down your page is gone.
  4. Don’t allow third-party products to brand your work – Almost all third party applications, especially the free ones require your custom tab to include the brand and link to the application. Which is at risk of taking people/traffic away from your Facebook page, that is not the point of social media. Facebook is a marketing tool that should attract people to your website and sales funnel.
  5. Don’t choose sub-domain solutions –There are some WordPress solutions that require a sub¬domain be created on your domain; ie domain.com/fb or fb.domain.com, this is a) unnecessarily complicated (not only in writing) and
    b) requires you to have two separate login areas to your WordPress installations.

Make sure you do your research.

Potential iFrame Solutions:

Apps Ongoing Fees:

  • eJure Page Builder
  • an Page Engine Builder
  • Zing Tabs

Free Options:

  • Faceook Tab Manager
  • Facebook Wildfire App
  • Involver App

For anyone who is a virtual assistant, WordPress web¬ site builder or someone seeking a work from home business, WordPress now provides enormous opportunities to develop new skills and open up the opportunity to add Facebook custom page design to their business services.

If you think you are too late to join the market¬place; then know that less than half of the busi¬nesses in your local area have a social media presence. And most business owners state they know they need to have social media. They just need someone to help guide them.

Some highly respected social media experts have recently produced some excellent products to teach social media skills like Lewis Howes who recently launched LinkedInfluence and Leigh Kostiainen of Advanced Fan Page Solutions, who recently launched her new educational brand, The Fan Page Coach, teaching iFrames, Facebook Strategy, and Facebook Niche Marketing.

Leigh recommends Static HTML application for Facebook because it is 100% free and does not include third party branding. You can’t change the custom icon that appears in the menu of your page and you also need to know basic html.

And for WordPress, Leigh recommends and uses Facebook Tab Manager. It is free and allows you to have a custom icon, total control over your content and the ability to edit your tab content. You do need to learn to create a Facebook application. Leigh’s new Facebook education brand, The Fan Page Coach, has a home study course which includes a module about creating graphics for your custom tab.For social media coaching and branding, contact Leigh Kostiainen on Facebook at www.fb.me/TheFanPageCoach SMW

You can use YouTube Video Editing Tool for things like:

  • Montage of your videos
  • Media sample
  • Testimonials
  • Show Reels

Click on the following link to check it out:

Leigh Kostiainen Guest Blog for Social Media Woman