I’m not going to get hyper mathematical here I’ve been looking at all those who are really achieving their life’s dreams and goals and they all have one thing in common. They are not doing the same as everyone else. They are standing up and  standing out in some way. So the greater YOU stand out the greater YOUR rewards.

Before I go too much further, let me clear up a very important point for you.  This is as much about the rewards of helping others as it is about your own personal and family rewards.

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So I looked at that and developed the U Gap… The U stands for Uniqueness or how much you stand out above your competition.

The gap between what you have and what you desire is inversely proportional to the uniqueness gap between you and your competitors.”

Or to put it another way, “the more you can stand out above your competitor the closer you will be to reaching your desired goals”.


1.Write down what you do.

a) Write down what others in your marketplace do

b) Rate yourself 1-10 based on how Unique you are and how you stand out in your marketplace  [1 being not very much and 10 being you dominate it and are the go-to leader].

2. Write down your ultimate  financial and other lifestyle related goals.

a) Write down where you are right now

b) Rate yourself 1-10 as to how close you are to your ideal goals 1 being you are just 1 step away from having everything you want down to 10 where they are just a dream.

So here is how it works  …..

The more you work on making the first number bigger, the smaller the 2nd number becomes.  Or

The bigger the uniqueness gap (the more you stand out you get closer to your goals ), the smaller the  gap the harder it is to achieve your desired goals and lifestyle choices..

The choice is yours as to what you are going to do ….Are you going to chase and compete? Or Stand Out and Attract?

I know what Pam and I are going to continue doing , because whatever we are doing to Stand Out is working and if you want to learn with us then we are happy to help you do the same:)