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In this digital age people are racing to spend as little as possible acquiring new clients. In this video I show you an example of a company who understands the true meaning of long term value.

My parents started buying the Readers Digest Magazine when I was about 10 years old. I remember it coming every month.

Not long after we started  I remember my parents buying a boxed record set, then another and after that there were books coming regularly etc.

In a recent visit to mum’s I saw a relatively new book and it  didn’t surprise me to see that it was from the Readers Digest. She has been a customer with them for over 40 years spending many hundreds of dollars.

Have a look at the marketing material (in the video) that  they are sending me to sign up for a $40 subscription…. Now of course we know that it is more than the subscription they are after. They are buying the right to market to me for life.

In the comments box below share any marketing campaigns that have impressed you in the same way i.e.  they are wanting to get you as a long term client or customer and are not about the quick sale.

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