Hi There and yes this video is really shot from my hospital bed. Before and after an operation.

I didn’t realise how groggy I still was till I watched it back. No wonder they say don’t drive.

The reason for Make it happen Mondays is for you and I to set down what we are going to make happen….

Not a wish list if everything goes to plan, not a set of goals to strive for list but a list of


My personal make it happen this week was actually this blog post and I could easily have followed Docs orders and gone home to rest, but what sort of 

example would that have set you.

So watch the video and then write down what you are going to MAKE HAPPEN… Please share it in your comments.


This little trip to the hospital was a scheduled check up. One that most people put off. So make sure you look after your body better than you do your car. Because if you fall apart so does your business.

Plus make sure you schedule business checks ups… It is too late to find you personally or your business has a serious problem when it could have been totally avoided

with some simple ‘check ups’.  So my challenges for you this week.

  1. Set a list of non negotiable WHAT I WILL MAKE HAPPEN this week and
  2. Set a list and perform some business checks just to see what shape you are in for 2014.


See you next week.