Is Working On Your Business ‘old school’?

In this blog posts I may be stepping on toes by not quite saying the E Myth is out of date but there needs to be an extension for businesses to succeed in today’s world.

For years and many people had been working hard in their business being busy doing the day to day WORK but getting nowhere. The smart ones who have read the E Myth had been working on the business and had been making it the best business possible.

So your business has the best systems, is operating efficiently and has the best products or programs NOW WHAT? What if all your competitors have done the same and you are caught up in a price and efficiency war.

It has been said recently that it is better to be different than better.

The world has changed and with such fluid consumers, what you need to be successful in business is to stand out above the crowd.

In this video I talk about what it is you need to do after you have been working on your business, particularly when all the other businesses have worked on a business as well.

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I talk about WORKING UNDER your business and before you freak out, the video is showing you haw to leverage your business UP above your competition by YOU taking the Unique Champions position.

People prefer to deal with people and the most successful businesses usually have a figurehead who consumers can relate to and identify with. Take Apple, Microsoft, Virgin and even Trump. The businesses rode on the back or their Champions.

It is time for you the business person to stand UP stand OUT or stand ASIDE.

So Watch the Video Leave a comment and let me know what you think because, I have only been sharing this with my students and coaching clients and this is the first time I have shared it publicly.