This book’s title is a call to action for anyone who wants to succeed in this so called ‘new economy’ as we get deeper into the WE era from the Pendulum.  It basically says that you need to Stand Up and become the face of your business, identify why you are different or as I put it, you need to become the unique and obvious solution and then communicate that genuinely to your market.

If you don’t you will be left behind, you will be seen as a dinosaur in your marketplace and very quickly fade from the memories of your prospects and clients forever. Loyalty can only carry your business so far and if you are not keeping up with your market then eventually they WILL move on to greener pastures.

You can no longer hide away behind a business name, locked away in and office, shop or on a computer and not form relationships with your prospects and clients. Today’s customers are very fluid which means they can flow easily along a path of least resistance jumping from one supplier to another unless they are diverted or a dam is built.

That dam is your relationship with your clients and it will hold your clients and customers keeping them loyal to you while you provide value to their lives and communicate that regularly to them.

The dam wall is your service and communication to them and will only hold your clients and prospects in while you are continually maintaining it.  If you neglect the service and communication to your people, the wall will come down and they will flow on.

This is book not for everyone. While the concepts and strategies that I have put into this book may make sense, seem straight forward and relatively simple, I’m not saying they are easy. In fact for many people Standing Out is the last thing they want to do.

So if you are thinking that soon everybody will be doing this think again. If you follow the steps that I give you in this book, you will rapidly jump ahead of your competitors and establish yourself as the leader because you will be one of a VERY small minority who will actually to do it.



Make The Decision to Stand Up.

Have you heard of Donald Trump, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Madonna and here in Australia Mark Bouris? Do you think they started out famous? No they started out just like you and me.

They all had a goal and a burning desire to do and be something extraordinary. There are many people who dream of being Sports Stars, Pop Stars and Business Moguls but very few take that first step in making it a reality.

That first step is the decision to Stand Up because you can’t Stand Out sitting down being the same as everyone else.

In this book I will be showing you why now is the time that you must stand out to succeed and why it has never been easier if you follow some simple steps. I will be showing you ways you can stand out no matter what your market, profession or aspirations are.

Don’t worry it is not about having to be big, loud and obnoxious to get attention! You could stand out by providing such awesome and caring service that you become legendary to your target market in a very short period of time. However, it is about how you Position and Package that service and then Promote (communicate) it to the market that will have the biggest impact in the long term.

Plus, I will share with you several times, from my own personal journey, where I have followed this process with amazing success and times where I completely ignored my own strategies and how that ignorance  impacted the results in my business.

So while I talk about it all starting with a decision, nothing happens until you actually take action. You can make all the decisions you want but until you actually Stand UP which requires energy and commitment of the highest level, nothing will happen.

Notice this book’s title doesn’t say stretch your neck up and have a look’ or ‘kneel up just a little’ no it says Stand UP….. And stand up straight! Do it with full commitment and do it in a way that as soon as you do Stand Up, that you are prepared to get noticed and take action when doors of opportunity start flowing your way.

A crucial part of the decision to Stand Up is who you are, and when to Stand Up! Later in this book I will go into detail about your ‘Unique Champions Position ‘and how to find and communicate it. Important note: You Do Not want to stand up trying to be the same as everyone else because all you will have left is to try and be louder than your competitors and that is not an attraction magnet strategy.


Stay tuned for a couple of more snippets of My Book which I will be releasing early April.