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In this post I am talking about the importance of being different and standing out.

Many people are caught up in the price war mentality where they believe the only differentiating factor in their product or service is price. Well it is if you focus on it.

Here’s an example say a Trainer, Coach or Consultant charges and hourly or per session rate they may (for ease of demonstration) charge 1 Session $50 or a 10 pack for $450.

What do you focus on? Price per session not what’s in the session, not what you get out of the session.

“Package” for Higher Profits.

Here is a simple formula that will help you stand out, sell more and make more money.

  1. Pick an odd number that most people don’t use. I like 7 as a starter number because people are lazy and don’t like dividing by 7 in their head.
  2. List some great outcomes someone would expect after the 7 sessions. This helps with the naming of the pack.
  3. List all the inputs that you would normally do in each session anyway.
  4. Now put it together in a pack.

Weight loss Kick Start Pack: Includes

  • Dietary review
  • Goals setting session
  • Exercise suitability review to determine the most appropriate routine to accelerate weight loss
  • Personally designed eating plan
  • 7 personalised 1 on 1 training sessions to fast track your results

Just $395 or 3 payments of $145

Can you see how that package is much more profitable than just $$$ per session?

Have you quickly done the numbers in your head?

Paid in full it is still 12.8% more than 7 x $50 and the payment plan is nearly 25% more.

This simple formula can be applied to many services. Give it a go.


Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside!



Have you written your book yet? Another great way to position your expertise and stand out. Click on image below to watch video on 7 Easy Book Writing Strategies.