Farmers that grow crops in most areas have adapted the crops to suit the climate, soil conditions and requirements of the available market. And apart from unforeseen climatic events they have a relatively predictable yield.

The yield per area will fluctuate depending whether it is

  1. A new field that requires preparation and planting.
  2. A prime field that is continually producing high yields.
  3. A stale field that needs a break to rejuvenate yet will be back to prime very quickly.

The old Push/Buy Now/Hunter type of marketing that relies on the prospect buying now or not at all is not sustainable or leverage able. Plus the Farming type of marketing where you continually market to the one group has its limitations as well.

The Farming Aggregation System is the optimum way to do business and to explain it very simply I have divided prospects and customers into 3 groups and the farm into 3 types of fields.

The Farming Aggregation System is simple.

1.      Attend to your prime field first and make sure it is at the optimum yield.

            – Continually water and fertilize with the right fertilizer. Note some fertilizers can produce short term jumps in yield yet can be toxic long term.
            – Provide outstanding service and look to provide additional information that can help your clients business. Look to increase the range of products and services you provide those clients and optimise your referral process.

2.      Always be looking to add new fields.
            – Look for new fields that you can easily work and add to your prime fields.
            – Continue to market to grow your list of ‘not yet’ people who with the right amount of emotion and time investment can move from prospects to become ideal clients.

3.      Work the new fields to add them or a portion of them to the prime fields. This increases your ideal business base and predictable income.

            – If you have picked the right field, and with the right amount of cultivation, watering and fertilising you can turn at least part of the new field into a prime field and add it to the rest.
            – If you have selected your market correctly and they are continuing to invest emotion and time with you then they will become ideal clients. Note: the amount of “cultivation” required is totally dependent on your program or product.

4.      Keep a look out for fields going stale.

            – Overuse or neglect will lead to a field losing productivity and eventually an expense not an asset. When a field is in its Prime yield state avoid the temptation to overstock or over plant for a short term gain but long term loss.
            – If you neglect your clients they will leave, just as if you over promote to them they will feel like they are being continually sold to and that you don’t really care about them and their business and this will drive them away also. You just need to provide outstanding service and massive value with the information that you provide and any sales should be a ‘logical’ extension to what you are already providing.
            – Note: crop rotation is a popular way to rejuvenate fields so looking to provide additional products or services that will enhance your clients life of business may also be a way of rejuvenating your relationship with them.

Happy Farming!