In this short video I’m showing you the 3 most powerful tools you can use to Stand Out and position yourself as the leader in your market.

These are the exact tools that I have been using successfully to grow my own personal business as well as my clients.

Some of you may know me more as the Video Marketing Guy and more recently from my book Stand Up Stand Out or Stand Aside. Plus I have been working with Pam to help businesses, entrepreneurs and experts position themselves as a leader through the power of becoming an AMAZON BEST SELLER. 

So for 12 months I have been promoting that using videos and your book is the most powerful way to stand out in your marketplace.

What I have continually omitted from the equation is a tool that I have built most of my business on and how many of you have come to know me and that is SPEAKING.  You may have met me at one of our seminars or workshops and chances are you joined one of our programs from that meeting and therefore you know first hand the power and leverage of speaking to groups.

Watch the Video


So for you to accelerate your business growth look at combining these tools Videos, your Best Seller book and Speaking when you do the maths change … 1+1+1 = 10

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