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Obviously those who have already booked their seats understand that using video is no longer a maybe but a must if they are to remain competitive in the fitness arena. Are you going to sit back and watch your competitor’s memberships, retention and referrals increase while you keep using old school marketing that is no longer working?

  • Did you know that last month mobile usage for roaming the internet was the highest medium used and of the content being scoured 30% was video?
  • Did you also know that 80% of people who land on a website with video will watch it and 50% will take some form of action?
  • On top of that…video is the closest thing to face to face marketing – that allows you to build relationships and market to your ideal customer 24/7 [Please don’t tell me you are still using newspapers and flyers? Where is your digital brochures?

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Selling and marketing in the fitness industry has changed …be one of the smart ones and let us show you how easy it is to implement these strategies at this one day workshop:

Gold Coast 11 August | Sydney 31st August.


We already know these seats will sell fast make sure you are one of them as it will not be held again this year!

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Steve & Amanda