1. Always do your market research before uploading any videos I use free googlekeyword tool and also nichfinder
  2. If you are stuck for keyword ideas to use go onto YouTube and type in your niche and see which videos are getting the most views –look at the tags in their description box to get some ideas
  3. Always use your keyword at the beginning (if possible) of your headline when uploading your video and put [keyword] bracket around it
  4. Very important –always have a call to action tofind out more information and make your URL the FIRST thing you write ALWAYS in your description box
  5. Use your keyword 3-4 times in your description paragraph and also list it at the end of your descriptionwith brackets – Check out the video SEO webinar to get step by step tutorials on how to do this properly.
  6. Check out successful headlines for videos with lots of views and use something similar (do not copy completely) so as to show up in related videos next to these popular videos in your niche.
  7. Always ask people to subscribe, like your video, share your video and leave a comment. Search engines like videos that get a lot of views, interaction and sharing.

Final Tip

Repurpose your videos and post them everywhere to get the most leverage from each one eg.

  • post to facebook
  • put in your newsletter
  • post on your blog
  • post to facebookfan page
  • upload to facebook
  • send out using Tube Mogul or Pixelpipe
  • tweet it
  • get your friends to comment

The more you get seen the more value each video is worth to your business.

Most importantly –always, always provide quality content!

Click on the image below if you would like to learn how to do it properly.