Hi There and Happy New Year. Now that the festive season is officially over it’s time to refocus on what you want to achieve this year.

This morning I set a goal to go for my bike ride and shoot you a video message. I was just leaving home when it started to rain. I have made this year my year of no more excuses so I pushed on.

Have a look at the video to see me talking to you in the pouring rain.

My point about the Aussie Cricket team is just 6 months ago they were down and out and not much going their way.  Yet in just a few hours or at least tomorrow they will complete a massive turnaround and white wash the poms. So what changed.

  • Most of the team is the same.
  • They changed their coach
  • They focussed on getting the basics right
  • They started believing in themselves individually and in each other
  • Above all they kept focus and didn’t give up.

So no matter what last year dealt you this is 2014 and focus on getting the basics right and continue to believe in yourself.

Join me in making 2014 the year of no more excuses. Last year I was absent from talking to you and delivering great content because I made excuses of being busy not to do it. This year get ready for regular updates.

Stay tuned for some great new releases from Pam and I have been working on over the break.

Have a StandOut 2014


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