Frank Kern introduced Pam to Brendon Burchard 2 years ago and she has been learning with him ever since with huge success in our business.

Click here: to watch Pam’s video or just click on the link below to watch Brendon’s training video on marketing funnels it is really good.

Pam and I are now working with a new mentor to help us learn more strategies to teach you and to help you grow your business in the new year.

If you are a speaker, author, expert, online marketer, coach, trainer and/or consultant then check out Brendon Burchards Experts Academy Elite program and see if it is right for you. This was Pam’s results in the short time they have been together

  • The first year Pam was  learning with Brendon she wrote her first #1 Best Seller and now she has 4#1 Best Sellers
  • Then she created 2 very successful product funnels [he is brilliant at teaching this]
  • Then last year Pam created Digital Authors Academy after attending Brendon’s $10k event in New York
  • And  we continue to significantly increase our income streams using his models in our business. in the middle of a recession [Brendon does not believe in recessions, gotta love that].

Positive outcomes happen when you hang out with elite people.

Anyway, check out Brendon’s video , even if he is not right for you, Brendon is very generous with helping people succeed just in his free tutorials. I know you will pick up some gold nuggets from watching his free video trainings.

If you have any questions about Experts Academy Elite just let me know Pam loved it..